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Here you can find server configuration parameters required for correct management of the product
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Web-server version: Apache 2.4.52 Required: Apache 1.3.0 and higher or IIS 5.0 and higher 
PHP interface: apache2handler It's recommended to run PHP as the Apache module. It's faster than CGI and allows more flexible settings. 
PHP version: 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.18 Required version: 8.1 
Safe mode: No Safe Mode is not supported 
short_open_tag value: No short_open_tag=off is not supported 
memory_limit value: 128M Memory limit settings should be not less than 32M (64M for "Professional" and higher editions). It is recommended to disable unused PHP modules in php.ini file to increase the memory size available to applications. 
Actual memory limit:
not tested
Sometimes, actual memory limit differs from PHP settings 
Email Sending: not tested Attempt to call the mail() function 
Functions to work with sockets: Yes Required for work of SiteUpdate system 
Sessions saving:
not tested
Required for saving authorization 
SiteUpdate system: not tested Attempt to connect to the on port 80 
HTTP authorization: not tested Necessary for the integration with MS Outlook. Connecting on 80 port 
Execution time test:
not tested
Attempt to execute the script for 60 seconds 
Execution time test with CPU load:
not tested
PHP accelerator: Yes (OPcache) PHP Accelerator is recommended (APC, XCache or any other except deprecated EAccelerator), it allows to greatly reduce the CPU load and PHP scripts execution time. It's desirable that the accelerator memory should be sufficient for commonly-used PHP pages.
If there is no PHP accelerator, analysis of phpinfo() is required 
max_input_vars: 1000 Must be 10000 or higher 
File system
Disk space: 21462 Mb It is recommended to have not less than 500M for the Start Edition and 1500M for the Enterprise Edition 
Permissions for the current folder: 0777 lcadmin lcadmin  
Folder creation: not tested Attempt to create a test folder 
File creation: not tested Attempt to create a test file 
File execution (for the created file): not tested Sometimes, there are problems with executing files created with PHP 
Processing .htaccess files: not tested Attempting to configure 404-error handling for a newly created folder 
Time to create 1000 files (sec): not tested  
file_uploads value: Yes  
File upload: Test upload of GIF image 
PHP extensions
PHP regular expressions: Yes  
Perl regular expressions: Yes  
Zlib extension: Yes Required for correct Compression module work and fast updates loading 
GD lib extension: No Displaying graphs in the statistics and working with images 
Free Type extension: No Required for CAPTCHA functionality 
Mcrypt module: openssl Required for secure cloud backup 
Hash module: Yes Required for secure cloud backup 
XML: No  
JSON: Yes  
SSL support: not tested Required for correct eStore module work with external payment systems plugins 
mbstring support: Yes Required for correct product work with UTF-8 
MySQL configuration
MySQL functions: mysqli MySQL functions are mandatory 
MySQL test: not tested  
DB Host:  
DB name:  
Additional Information
Display errors: open Turns on error displaying for this page and writes the file bitrix_server_test.log 
umask: 022  
post_max_size value: 8M  
Server time: 23.07.2024 12:09  
phpinfo(): open  
Language: ru / en  
Delete bitrix_server_test.php file: delete  
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